Monday, August 11, 2008


Welcome to theNOISE! Here you will read the thoughts and passions flowing from a heart aflame. The purpose of this blog is to challenge and mobilize followers of Christ to live radically for the furthering of Jesus' great name. If you are here and wondering "what is theNOISE! ?," I will explain. It is the vision of an organization dedicated to the unity of the body of Christ and the spread of the Gospel within the world. This vision came as a result of an incredible experience the summer of 2007, which one day I will post about, but has now developed into the pursuit of creating a non-profit para-church organization. theNOISE! comes out of Psalms 66:1 "Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands." Not only is it the idea of praising God but it is also the idea of RADICALLY living out Christ to the point of creating a noise within the community and the world. I want to redeem the word NOISE, by stripping it of its negative definitions and redefining it as a pure and holy radical way of life. I hope that by casually checking in on this blog, that God will challenge and transform your hearts for the RADICAL pursuit of being theNOISE! in the world. I urge you all to continue to seek after God, giving Him glory and occasionally check in and read about the ideas that God has been stirring in me.

Make Noise and Be Radical